Zack Cokas

Brooklyn-based rap artist, Zack Cokas, grew up infatuated with art. From a young age, he never stopped creating, and when he released his ‘Young Cack’ EP in 2019, he immediately garnered attention from the likes of Lyrical Lemonade. Continuously pushing genre boundaries, Cokas then released his 2020 mixtape ‘PABLO’, followed by ‘WARHOL’ in 2021 that put Cokas on the map, with tracks being featured on Spotify's 'Fresh Finds', 'Fresh Finds: Hip Hop', ‘anti pop’, ‘Varsity Bars’, and ‘Alternative Hip Hop’ playlists. Previously having worked with other star producers such as Curtis Waters, his upcoming album ‘HELLRAISER’ is an epic collaboration project with UK producer Slinger, famously known as Ashnikko’s producer – with hard-hitting verses padded with genre-clashing production, ‘HELLRAISER’ is bound to further pave Cokas’ path as an irreplaceably unique artist.