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Favorite place in New York?
My apartment in Williamsburg. I just moved but I love it so far — slowly filling it with lots of plants.
How would you describe your music?
I make folk electronic music…I never know how to describe it. People tell me mostly that my sound is very atmospheric and ethereal, with driving production by my friend and fellow musician Ishan. I just write stories and he turns them into worlds.
How does New York influence you and your art?
New York is quite literally ingrained in my music — the apartment where I used to record was right next to the subway, and when you strip back the production you can hear the roar of the train or the bustle of people below. I love the city and community here. There is so much support and love for starting artists, and I’m constantly inspired by people I meet.
If you absolutely had to live somewhere other than New York, where would it be?
I’ve always wanted to live on a ranch somewhere with lots of animals. Probably in California, where I grew up :)
What's your latest project?
We released an album last year called If I Never Hit Land!