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Profesh Sesh Podcast (with White Gold)

Epidosde 4

October 13, 2021

Lil Wayne to Eminem (!) — our guest on this week’s episode has worked with the best of the best. We’re talking about producer/artist White Gold, who spoke with Quadio about the power of college campuses, the importance of superfans, and why being honest with yourself is the true key to success.

More about Profesh Sesh by Quadio:

Are you a college student who wants to make art – any kind of art, from music to mosaics to creative management – your career? Profesh Sesh, brought to you by Quadio, is your cheat sheet! Profesh Sesh is a weekly interview series with the best creative industry insiders, who sit down with host Sophia Welch to share their insights, stories, and the occasional killer trade secret. Join Profesh Sesh each week to make your life’s journey as a creative faster, easier, more productive, and a whole lot more exciting.

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