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4 Ways to Solve Creative Block

Let’s get that creative confidence back up.

by Karl Ortegon
October 8, 2021

Every creative dreads it, but there isn’t a single creative who hasn’t faced it. Dare we say those two terrifying words?

Creative block.

Okay, we said it. Now let’s take some power away from it! We all deal with it, and we all have to figure out how to move forward, even when it’s at its most debilitating. The good news is, you don’t need a self-help or self-improvement book to make progress. It just takes some strategic thinking.

So, let’s get creatively confident.

1. Take a (real) break

A real break means more than 5 minutes on your phone. Your brain needs time off, and forcing it does not lend itself to the biggest and best ideas. When you’re spinning your wheels, you’re not going to innovate.

Take a 20-minute walk, get some water and a snack, and get your mind off of the creative task at hand. 

2. Distract

Sometimes, the trick to solving creative block is to focus on something entirely different. Even if the back of your mind is still trying hard to come up with new ideas, devoting your attention to making relaxing art (like free sketching or free writing), watching a TV show, or even scrolling TikTok for a bit –– these are all things that can help you to reset.

And, if things work out, you might even find inspiration from something totally unrelated to your current project. 

3. Collaborate

Speaking of inspiration, tap into your creative network! Talk to a friend about what you’re struggling with, and from their fresh perspective, you might find a wealth of new ideas. 

If you’ve exhausted your immediate circle, post about it on the Quadio app and crowd-source some inspiration. You never know what someone else’s worldview and artistic taste can bring you. Plus, studies have shown that working collectively can improve motivation and performance.

4. Re-invent

Whether you believe it or not, there is always another way to look at something. Have you exhausted every angle, or are you approaching the creative task the same way, over and over again?

Try working in a different medium, moving to a new space (even if it’s just your friend’s dorm room down the hall), or working outside of the guidelines you’ve been given.

Bend the rules, make new ones, or just break them all.

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